Our Ethics

PeakAlpha’s credo is built on eight pillars that guide our work each day

  • We treat your money like it is ours – dedicating the time and energy to your funds as we would our own
  • We look at things long term and are committed to building durable, long-term relationships with our customers, employees and associates
  • We do not set personal or organizational goals that are not aligned with what we would like for our customers
  • We do not wish to create wealth for ourselves at the expense of our customers
  • We do not think our relationships with our customers are short term and to be milked for what they are worth while it lasts
  • We will not churn your portfolios or recommend products we don’t feel are optimal just to make a bit of extra commissions
  • We do not believe in managing and motivating our advisors purely on revenue targets
  • We do not believe in pushing the limits of what is permissible by law or regulation

Proprietary Tools

“Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic!” – Arthur C Clarke

  • Our online application is a looking glass into the future! It predicts, to a very high level of accuracy, what your financial future holds for you
  • An unbeatable, state-of-the-art financial planning application
  • The ability to take control of your money, using a very visual interface and a strong decision framework
  • The facility to capture all your assets under one window
  • Robust and forecastable planning
  • Tools that provide you with ultimate control of your money
  • Real-time and transparent

Our Specialized Workshops

Putting money where our mouth is!

Money Talks has a powerful agenda that sweeps across long-term planning, investment tactics, risk management, tax planning, loans, and various financial product types. The presenters combine powerful communication and interaction skills with a depth of knowledge in personal finance. Our workshops cover but are not limited to:

  • Personal finance for employees
  • Retirement planning
  • Empowering women on financial planning
  • Tax planning
  • Financial planning for senior citizens
  • Insurance and risk management
Until I attended one of your financial workshops, I had no idea I could enlist someone to help me manage my money. I didn’t know where to start or what to do with my money. Your presentation was a turning point in my life and I was waiting to start planning my future with PeakAlpha.
Vanitha Chinnaswamy (Customer)

Our Personalized Financial Plans

Give us four hours a year, and never worry about your finances again!

Can you afford to send your children abroad for higher studies? Can you buy your dream villa? Will you have enough money for a secure retirement? Can you start your own business? Can you retire early?

We understand all your dreams, aspirations, goals and create the most optimal financial plan for you. A plan that is perfect for you, a plan like no one else’s.

  • Captures assets, liabilities, current and future income streams, current expenses, and future outflows, all in one visually appealing portal
  • Identifies and articulates goals
  • Regularly monitors your plans. Even if your goals change in the future, the plan is nimble-footed to incorporate those changes and play out viability scenarios
  • Rebalances your portfolio to ensure that you always buy underweight assets and sell overweight assets in a regular, tax-efficient way
  • Identifies and controls risk in the plan
  • Presents a clear understanding of your goals and objectives, including their timing and impact
I particularly value PeakAlpha’s timely communication and advice on where to invest and when to redeem to ensure a good return. I have received great support in bringing all my investments into one window, which enables me to track all my assets.
Koustav Jana (Customer)

We Empower Women

We want to make a meaningful difference to every woman whose path intersects with PeakAlpha’s.

PeakAlpha intends to be with women every step of the way, giving them the confidence that they are more than capable of taking over the financial reins of the family and their lives.

Be an empowered woman!

  • Customized plans to ensure financial independence because women live longer, incur higher healthcare costs and earn less than men. Hence, money needs to work harder for them
  • Robust plans that help navigate financially vulnerable situations such as death of a spouse, divorce, separation, etc.
  • Plans that factor in career breaks taken for childbirth or care giving
  • Planners who explain financial concepts without jargon, in a way your grandmother would understand!
As a single woman and NRI likely to lose my job any time, I panicked wondering if my savings would sustain me and how long to keep working! Clueless and confused about finances, I reached out to PeakAlpha. Their time proven plan and advice has been a life saver through years and a balm for my nerves!
Shubha Priya (Customer)

Our Unbiased Ranking Tool

What’s up our sieve this month?

PeakAlpha not only gives you advice that is in your best interest, we also have processes and models to ensure that we only recommend the best instruments for you. An unbiased mutual fund ranking tool, PeakFilter screens, strains and picks out the cream of the mutual fund crop each month.

There are more than 2000 mutual fund schemes available today from over 40 mutual fund companies. It can be confusing to narrow down on a mutual fund which is a strong performer in a category depending on your need.

Our proprietary model, PeakFilter, makes this whole process of picking schemes simple for you.

  • Sieves and separates the top performers from non-performers
  • Enables you to choose the most ideal schemes, based on your risk appetite and goals
  • Separates schemes based on their investment objective into different categories
  • Rates schemes across 16 different parameters, including risk, returns, fundamentals and portfolio
  • Publishes ranks for more than 1000 schemes every month
  • Maps ranks to schemes in your portfolio, so you know which funds need attention