Our aim is to provide every woman client
the confidence to be financially independent

We work with more than 1400 women, which is nearly 36% of our total customer base.
We’re on our way to the 50% mark.

Our services are particularly invaluable to those women who are financially vulnerable, such as those going through a separation, divorce or the death of a breadwinner. In divorce cases, we help decide on a fair settlement, often working in tandem with their lawyers to get what is rightfully due to them.

Women get the short end of the stick when it comes to money

  • Earning less and taking career breaks directly impacts a woman’s financial independence
  • When they do come back into the workforce, they are paid less than their previous salaries
  • Women outlive men and spend more on healthcare
  • Growing instances of divorce entails that women need to take control of their financial future now

Did you know that for every Rs. 100 a man earns, a woman earns  Rs. 20 less, for the same job?

What you earn determines what you save and invest.
If you earn less, you will invest less and this has a very tangible effect on how you create wealth and meet your goals.
Take a glance at the chart and you’ll understand how the gender pay gap affects wealth creation.


Earns annual income X. Income grows at 7%. Saves 20% of income. Accumulates Y crores at age 80


Earns 1.25X of woman’s annual income. Income grows at 8%. Saves 30% of income. Accumulates 1.5Y crores at age 80, 50% higher than a woman’s!

*Assumptions: Both woman and man are 25 years old, work till 58, and have the same set of expenses.*According to the Monster Salary Index on gender for 2016, the gender pay gap ranged from a relatively low 14.7% in the education and research sector to 21.5% in the banking, financial services and insurance sector and 25.8% in the information technology sector.

  • She has natural instincts and inborn traits, ideal for financial planning
  • She is cautious and makes lesser mistakes, ensuring stability and security in the family’s investment portfolio
  • She is risk averse and hence shies away from speculative transactions such as stock trading. She is more likely to invest in long-term instruments with steady and predictable returns
  • Her innate nurturing temperament ensures that money is always put away for contingencies, so unforeseen circumstances don’t rock her family’s boat too much

A woman can change the financial fortunes of a family

Today’s women are making the critical mind shift from
being expense managers to investment managers.
In doing so, they are becoming masters of the game.
Priya Sunder in Businessworld, March 17, 2017

Be the master chef of your financial kitchen!

  • Recipes for Successful Financial Planning is a workshop explaining financial concepts with food analogies. It’s an unforgettable, mouth-watering experience!
  • The workshop has an extremely visual slide pack, and a racy narrative peppered with case studies and anecdotes
  • Our talks are non threatening and remove the cobwebs in your mind about the difficulties of managing money
  • We explain financial concepts in a way your grandmothers would understand!

Want us to conduct the Recipes for Successful Financial Planning at your organization? Call us at +91 80 46720700 or write to us, and we’d be delighted to speak to you!