Calculators you can count on!

Do you need to figure out your monthly savings, tax gap, insurance gap, cost of future goal, or the right balance in your financial portfolio? Let these clever calculators do the math for you and simplify your financial decisions.

Savings calculator

To embark on the path of wealth creation, you must first be sure about what you spend and what you save each month. This calculator helps you determine your household budget and the resultant savings.
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Tax Gap calculator

You can save more than Rs. 45000 in taxes each year by investing Rs. 1.5 lakhs under Section 80C. But don’t just blindly invest in any instrument. Find out which one is the best fit for you.
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Goals calculator

Tell us what your goals are. We’ll then help you break down those large goals into digestible, bite-sized chunks, and you’ll soon figure out that achieving them is not as difficult as you think!
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Risk Management calculator

A healthy life cover is the cornerstone of a strong financial plan. Use this calculator to determine the amount of insurance you need so your family can live a financially secure life.
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Asset Allocation calculator

The right allocation between equity and debt is the starting point for your wealth creation objectives. Use this calculator to find out the optimal balance between growth and stability in your portfolio.
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Disclaimer: While these calculators are quick and easy to use, they are meant for illustration purposes only. They do not replace the detailed analysis of a financial planner.
Please note that these tools are also based on a number of assumptions and hence the results are estimates and guidelines only and are not to be construed as financial advice.