Frequently asked questions

General questions about PeakAlpha

PeakAlpha Investment Services Private Limited (PeakAlpha for short) is an award-winning wealth management and financial advisory company. We help people realize their life’s cherished dreams.

By working with us, you will develop clear plans for your dreams, put your money to work properly, and monitor your progress regularly to ensure those dreams are realized.

To help people realize their life’s cherished dreams.

To become the most preferred name in professional financial advisory services in all our markets by helping people realize their life’s cherished dreams for themselves and their loved ones.

You have clear goals and aspirations for yourself as well as your near and dear ones. Achieving these goals is your strongest motivation to work hard. You are constantly attempting to find the perfect balance between the present and the future, indulgence and prudence, spending and saving, lifestyle and security.

In short, you are looking for the best possible way to plan your finances so that you can realize your life’s cherished dreams. You are looking for someone who can help you plan your finances, with tangible deliverables, in a way that is transparent, uncomplicated and painless. Not for you the one-size-fits-all approach, the product-led discussion, the robotic website, the off-the-shelf option. You are different, and you want something different…something better!

We are registered with SEBI as Registered Investment Advisors. We are also registered with AMFI as a mutual fund distributor.

What differentiates us is our ability to understand the unique financial situation and aspirations of every customer. We can thereby offer highly customized solutions unique to each one’s specific need.

By working with our sincere, knowledgeable and helpful financial planners, using our robust, customized process, you will regain control of your financial life.

Since 2005, PeakAlpha has been working with over 4000 customers. Many of these relationships are over a decade old, during which we have seen them grow and prosper. Our robust customizable financial planning process, leveraging powerful technology, has put our customers back in control of their finances.

We have won several awards that bear testimony to the value we bring to the lives of our customers. In particular, we have won the UTI CNBC TV18 India’s Best Performing Individual Financial Advisor award in 2015, 2017 and 2018!

PeakAlpha pricing and costs

We do charge a very reasonable fee for most of our advisory services. These services are designed for the long-term, to ensure that you realize your cherished dreams. These include financial planning, portfolio management, and planning for seniors and starters. For all of these, we put your plan in place and then review it several times a year to ensure things are on track.

We offer services which are free, but they are usually investments which need to be done on an ad-hoc basis, such as making tax-saving investments or taking health insurance. You could start with these if you wish, to understand how PeakAlpha operates and differentiates itself from competitors. Once you are satisfied with the levels of recommendation and the service, you can always convert to a full-fledged service.

Even if you join us as non-fees paying client, be rest assured that the recommendation provided would always be in line with your needs. A registered investment advisor would understand your needs and requirements before providing recommendations.

The minimum investment which can be invested is Rs. 1000 (in a liquid fund). PeakAlpha generally recommends a liquid fund for building an emergency fund, planning for short-term goals and for developing financial discipline in individuals.

Yes, your investments are usually made in the ‘regular’ mode where we receive commissions.

However, our entire proposition is built around always putting our customers’ interests above our own and forging lifelong relationships with each one of them, managing their money as if it were our own.

Therefore, the question of conflict of interest based on commissions goes against every grain of the company. To ensure that there is no conflict of interest (or mis-selling), we provide recommendations based on PeakFilter, our in-house fund selection methodology, which ranks all 1000+ mutual funds. PeakFilter is completely data-driven and unbiased, ensuring all our clients are investing in the best mutual funds available in the category.

Your investments are usually made in the ‘regular’ mode. We are developing a model where the investments can be in the ‘direct’ mode. Our fees for the ‘direct’ mode would be based on the size of the financial assets managed by us.

We are proud to say that in terms of building new relations, 60% are referrals from our existing set of happy clients who have first-hand seen the difference. As a result, we reward our existing clients a discount of 25% on their advisory fees when it’s up for renewal provided their referral becomes a fee-paying client.

This is our way of appreciating your helping PeakAlpha to reach out to more families!

Get started with PeakAlpha

Once you reach out to us via email or telephone, there would be a registered investment advisor assigned to you. He or she would contact you to understand your needs and financial goals.

Post the discussion, if you are interested in signing up, we will lead you through the entire process step-by-step. Whatever the service you avail, we will provide clear recommendations along with the logic and rationale behind each recommendation. Once you agree with the recommendations, we will help you to implement these recommendations and then monitor them.

Please reach out to us at + 91 80-4672-0700 and we will schedule a meeting between you and our financial advisors.

Else, please reach out to us by email at

Post your initial discussion, if you decide that you would like to go ahead with a fee based advisory model, our team would reach out to you to collect information regarding your personal details and financials. The financials would include your personal routine expenses, current investment and liabilities.

We sit down with you and have a financial review where we get a sense of your financial goals and draft out a plan. We then would send out a financial report (a PDF file) which can be viewed on our PeakPlanner application. In the report, we would be structuring your financial goals and providing recommendations for realizing those goals. The report would contain important assumptions and key notes from the review and would help you provide a recap of the first plan in the future.

After sending out the report, our team would reach out to explain the recommendations. If you are comfortable with the recommendations and would like to move ahead, the recommendations would be passed to our execution team who would then reach out to you for executing the same.

At all times, the investment advisor is kept in the loop and monitors the progress you are making in terms of agreements with the recommendations and with the executions.

PeakAlpha evaluates your existing portfolio and recommends changes if required. As a company, we don’t believe in churning the portfolio and prefer that you hold onto your portfolio provided it is of good quality.

Product related queries

You can view your portfolio after logging into PeakPlanner. The value of the portfolio is updated every day.

PeakPlanner is our in-house application which is available to you 24×7. You can monitor your portfolio and view all the details regarding your mutual funds or insurance policies.

As the investments are made in your name, a simple broker change would help you move funds to PeakAlpha. Similarly, in case you need to move funds outside PeakAlpha, a change in broker form is required.

We would work with you either way to ensure that the switch is complete.

While designing a portfolio for our clients, we follow the below two guidelines.

  • Asset Allocation based on risk profile
  • Long term and Short term goals

It’s important for you to have the correct asset allocation i.e. the correct proportion of growth and safety in your portfolio. We arrive at your asset allocation by a set of parameters which include your age, your answers to our risk questionnaire etc.

Head over to our asset allocation calculator to find out what your equity allocation should be!

For our advisory clients, during every review (either 3-4 times a year depending on the service) we evaluate the portfolio to ensure that we are moving in the right direction. In case there are any changes, we address them in the review itself.

For our fee-paying clients, we provide you with enough information to be able to track your portfolio and its performance. We also share with you the rankings of your schemes according to PEAKFILTER, so that you can make informed decisions on the portfolio. If you wish to discuss the portfolio with us, please reach out to us and you will always find your relationship manager available.

Short answer, head over to our risk management calculator to figure out how much of insurance should you ideally have to cover your family.

To understand why you need that amount of cover, please continue reading.
Regarding the life insurance cover, it’s important to first decide the cover or sum assured that you require and then decide the kind of life insurance policy that is suitable to your needs.

Term insurance is usually optimal for most people because it does the job it’s expected to do i.e. transfer risk from you to the insurance company at a very reasonable price. No fancy wordings or conditions to confuse anyone, it basically states that in case of your demise, the sum assured would be paid to the beneficiary of the policy.

Now addressing your query, you need term insurance in case any of the following are true:

  • You have family members who are financially dependent on you.
  • You have an outstanding liability/loan which isn’t insured
  • You have non-negotiable goals like children’s education or their marriage.

If none of the above are applicable, chances are that you don’t require life insurance.

An ideal cover for an individual would be as mentioned below.

  • Money which when invested can provide cash flows to fund your family’s routine expenses
  • Money which can be used to pay off any outstanding loan
  • Money which when invested today can grow to meet a specific future goal

Please reach out to us at + 91 80-4672-0700 and we will schedule a meeting between you and our financial advisors.

Else, please reach out to us by email at