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PEAKPLANNER is administered through a series of quarterly interactions with your financial planner.

Initial meeting
In your first meeting, you will set up the plan. All inputs related to your goals, your assets, your liabilities and your cash flow will be fed into the application. The results will be analyzed and discussed thoroughly, various scenarios will be explored and your base case will be created. The implications and resulting actions will be explained.

After the meeting your financial planner will put together a comprehensive report on all aspects of your financial plan and send it to you. This report will summarize the discussions as well as the specific recommendations in greater detail, including various options whenever applicable. After the report is sent out a follow-on discussion will be set up, so that the report can be discussed and any queries or concerns can be addressed. Based on this discussion you will give your planner a final approval to proceed with the execution. Your planner and relationship manager will work with you to get the executions completed.

As part of this exercise, your log-in and password credentials for PEAKPLANNER will be generated and sent to you. You will find the online access to be an invaluable part of your overall financial planning. Using this you will be able to
  • Amend your contact details whenever necessary
  • Review the highlights of your plan and the associated charts
  • Monitor your portfolio in detail, including the performance of your assets and how they have changed since the last review
  • Explore various scenarios and their impact on your plan, and store interesting scenarios for discussion with your planner
  • Send messages to your planner
Review meetings
Following the initial meeting, you will meet or speak to your financial planner four times every year to conduct a review of your financial plan. During this review, you will
  • Update the plan with any changes in your personal circumstances and identify any revised actions required as a result
  • Discuss the performance of your portfolio and identify any corrective action as necessary
  • Explore and discuss any new goals or objectives, and the steps necessary to achieve them
  • Discuss steps necessary to handle any periodic objectives such as tax planning and identify required actions
  • Discuss any other issues or concerns regarding your financial plan and identify required actions, if necessary, to alleviate those concerns
Once you have agreed with your financial planner on the actions, we can assist you with implementing these actions. Our Relationship Manager will attend to the necessary paperwork and get the transactions processed. Upon completion of the transaction and our receipt of the necessary intimations from the supplier or registrar, it will reflect in your online portfolio. Further, any ongoing actions such as redemptions, switches and dividends will also be shown in your portfolio automatically.

If, however, you choose to use our advisory services alone and carry out all the execution yourselves, that will have two impacts. Firstly, our financial planning fee is subsidized by the revenues we receive from our suppliers for transactions. If transactions are not executed through us, then we will not be able to offer you a subsidized rate and will have to charge you our full financial planning fee instead. Secondly, if you execute transactions either directly or through another service provider, then we will not have access to the transaction details, so you will need to bring those details with you whenever you come for a review.
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